Distractions: Part 1

Technological gadgets are perhaps the biggest distraction our students have during study time. Older students especially (and adults, if we are honest) hear the notification “bing” on phone, iPods, computers, etc. and just can’t help but take one little peek and, 20 minutes later…distractions

Students, “know thyself” and use wisdom and self-restraint. Conquer temptation by leaving your gadget (it’s ok, really) somewhere far enough away that you cannot hear the “bing” or see the screen light up, like a bedroom if you study in the kitchen, or the kitchen if you study in the bedroom.

Parents, it’s ok to take your student’s gadget temporarily (even permanently, but do give fair warning) during study sessions, if your student can’t or won’t do it for themselves. Please discuss this with your student(s) beforehand.

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