Distractions Part 2: TV and Messes

In addition to gadgets and gizmos aplenty (see Part 1), two other things that make studying hard for students of any age are TV and messes.

Television is designed to capture and hold our attention with various sounds and lights, and it works! It works very well. Have you ever seen someone passing through the living room who “just stopped to watch for a minute”, but they were standing there for 15 minutes or more?

Don’t be afraid to just turn the TV off for a few hours, and maybe even establish an official “family study time”. Or leave the room for a quieter, more suitable study place (please don’t tell me you study better with the TV on. I’m not buying it), which leads into our next distraction: messes.

If you have no place to sit down and spread out the books because “stuff” is piled everywhere, you need to take a weekend (or three) and straighten up. No one can study in the middle of a mess. Parents, don’t be afraid to check on your student’s study place from time to time and make sure their desk or table is neat and homework ready.

A messy workplace is not conducive to good studying.
A messy workplace is not conducive to good studying.

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