Workbooks Help Students Study Over Holiday Breaks

One of the biggest complaints among parents and teachers is how quickly students tend to forget lessons over school breaks. Holiday or seasonal breaks can last up to two weeks in some schools, and summer breaks typically last 2-3 months. What can parents do to ensure their students don’t backtrack during breaks?

1. Get workbooks…and use them.

It’s easy to get extra materials for practice from local bookstores, grocery stores, Walmart, or discount warehouses like Sam’s Club. Stores for teaching supplies would also have them, or you can go online. There are a ton of free and inexpensive online resources, but my personal favorite is

Now that you and/or your students have the materials, it is important that you set aside time to use them. One hour, or two half-hour sessions during quiet time is probably all you need to enforce, but some kids enjoy the challenges and want to keep going. Just be sure the work gets checked and any mistakes are corrected.

2. Don’t stop private lessons.

If you have hired a tutor or use a similar service, keep up with it even during breaks. The temptation to stop may be great, but lessons are learned and best retained through repetition. A tutor or service, will help to keep you and/or your student on track.


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