Location, Location: A Note About Homeschooling

Homeschool Science Experiment
Homeschool Science Experiment

Before I tutored other people’s children, I taught my own as a homeschooling mom. We homeschooled for three years, during which my oldest child went through preschool, Kindergarten, and first grade, and my second child went through preschool and Kindergarten.

We had a great time and I and the kids learned a lot. We took many educational field trips, they learned to read, and we were on a roll to continue when I was forced to give it up during that third year due to severe health problems with my last pregnancy. But I don’t regret it. We are very fortunate to live in an area with a fantastic Elementary school, and my oldest two are thriving in fourth and second grade.

There are a wide variety of reasons why parents choose to homeschool their child/children, and there are an ever-increasing plethora of resources, blogs, and organizations to help homeschooling families. I think it is fantastic that so many parents are willing to take a strong stand for their student’s education, but I want to let prospective home educators know that despite the growing trend, homeschooling is not easy. I don’t think enough proponents of homeschooling admit that.

Just like public or private school, homeschooling does require a tremendous amount of time, effort, money (though there are ways to adequately “shoe-string” certain things), and organization. It is not a decision to be taken lightly, and sadly there are no substitute teachers when you desperately need a break or are ill. Many times, home educators begin with enthusiasm and passion, only to burn out within a few weeks-months. While there are plenty of successful home educators, it is also important to know your personal limits. This doesn’t mean you failed. The goal of educating children is the priority and it requires strong parental involvement for students to succeed no matter where the setting is.

*Are you a home educator? Take a look at the Resources page for a few materials and links to help you out.


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