Using Dice in Teaching Math

dice-2It’s no secret that many students struggle with math. Because of this struggle, both kids and adults often have the impression that math is boring, hard, and something to be feared. Math was certainly a challenge for me in school! Thankfully, many schools and teachers are beginning to teach math from multiple angles (pun intended) and learning styles.

The other day I was “wearing my jewelry making hat” and happened upon these unique math dice from Koplow Games’ catalog. While the company does not sell to individuals, teachers might be able to place orders through their schools, and parents might be able to request these as custom orders from local board gaming stores.


As a visual learner myself, I can see these fun math dice helping students test their math facts memorization in a more engaging manner than flash cards (but by all means, do use flash cards!). They could be used to play simple team games at home or school with parents or other students, and could also be mixed and matched with pictures or worksheets.

For example, the money dice set could be paired with real coins or coin cutouts in a short matching game, as could the fraction dice. Use the math operations dice set by rolling 1-3 dice, and have the student call out the names of the symbols.

What ideas can you come up with for using these as a teaching aid?

*Just in case you were wondering, I am not receiving any compensation for my views or post.


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