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How to Write an Essay in 6 Easy Steps, E-Book (Coming Soon!)


New! 10 Study Tips for ADD/ADHD Students: A Parent’s Guide, $4.99 on Kindle

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“I get that little boys are wild and crazy, but mine is beyond this.”

Comments like these pop up all the time on social media parenting forums. Tired, frustrated parents struggle with providing the best education for their children who just don’t seem to “get it.”

While the discouraging rate of learning disabilities and mental disorders increases among children, there is hope in the encouraging trends toward innovative teaching techniques and learning methods, apart from the traditional “one size fits all approach”. suited to these awesome kids.

“10 Study Tips for ADD/ADHD Students,” is a little study guide written with parents and homeschool teachers in mind, although children from 6th grade on up can read and learn study tips from this book too.

Simply designed, easy-to-implement tips are geared toward students of all ages who may have trouble focusing on homework or in class.


The Amazingly Brainy and Charming Book of Animal ABC’s, $5.99 on Kindle

NonameThis amazing, astonishing, and awesome book of ABC’s is a brief, but brilliant read! Catchy, captivating, and cautiously challenging, children (and adults) will want to read this little story book again and again.

“The Amazingly Brainy and Charming Book of Animal ABC’s” is a silly, educational, and completely fun new ABC book, featuring original writing and colorful illustrations by author and reading tutor, Loura Lawrence, and artist Debbie Hicks.

Inspired by the original Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book, Loura wanted to use real animals and words to help children relate to characters, develop readers’ phonics skills, increase students’ vocabulary, and introduce them to the concept of alliteration. That’s all behind-the-scenes stuff for parents and teachers to know, but what you and students will see are fun and colorful original drawings, simple layouts, and entertaining characters and words that will have your child going back to read this book over and over.


Spirituality in Gothic Literature Past and Present: A Comparison of Morals, $.99 on Kindle

Haunted castles with secret passages, mysterious ladies in white, and dark, desolate forests: Gothic literature first emerged and became popular during the Romantic and Victorian periods of history, and is still a favorite genre today. This long essay takes a comparative look at the moral and spiritual assumptions and beliefs of authors of early and modern Gothic works.

This essay is perfect for students or anyone looking for a brief review of classic and modern Gothic literature, and the cultures that spawned these works.


Edgar Allen Poe was a Pretty Funny Guy, $2.99 on Kindle

Nearly everyone is familiar with Edgar Allen Poe’s horrific and macabre tales and poems. But did you know Poe had a funny side? Explore some of Edgar Allen Poe’s lesser known, hysterical stories in this essay.

A great read for anyone, but especially for students learning about American authors, Gothic literature, or classic authors of the 1800s, this little essay makes a perfect curricula companion.


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