A quick list of our tutors’ favorite helps and study aids.

Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is one of Loura’s favorite resources for quick, fun, and easy-to-remember grammar tips. Perfect for polishing up that final paper, prepping for college admission tests, or challenging lifelong learners.

Super Teacher Printable Worksheets

An awesome resource for teachers and parents, this website offers a plethora of printable worksheets for math, grammar, geography, and more. The math worksheets are also customizable, allowing teachers to craft worksheets suited to a students’ needs. Don’t worry, you can print the corresponding answer sheet too.


This is the place for book lists! You can keep track of books you have already read, books you want to read, and books you are currently reading. Goodreads is also a handy tool for looking up recommended reading book lists, as well as book reviews. You can have it linked to your Facebook account also. You can see SOL’s Goodreads book list on the right-hand column of our site.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

There is no replacing the classic dictionary. Use it online or as an “old fashioned” book. No student should be without it (a Thesaurus is mighty handy too).

Talking Math with Kids

A blog with helpful tips about teach younger kids math.

Melissa & Doug Toys

Featuring a variety of wooden and other toys, these are great, durable learning tools with bright, non-toxic colors and paint. Loura originally bought their clock puzzle for her two-year-old, but used it to teach time and advanced shapes to her 7-year-olds, as well.


Aside from building camaraderie, Legos are great tools for teaching spatial recognition, basic engineering concepts, and math skills. There are so many ways you can use Legos, and they are wonderful for visual learners. Libraries and children’s museums (Dayton-Metro  Libraries and Boonshoft Museum) have been adding special Lego groups, too. It is hard to outgrow Legos!

Hooked on Phonics

It worked for me! All kidding aside, Hooked on Phonics is the top program for teaching reading. Loura bought a kit deeply on sale several years ago for K-1st Grade, and later got another kit for 2nd Grade. She says, “I have never found its equal for teaching reading, and if you have a dyslexic student, this program is especially great for them since it incorporates visual, auditory, and sensory learning.”

*Stay tuned for Loura’s short, award-winning ebook about the history of teaching reading in public schools, and the role that phonics plays.

Tools for Teachers, Education.Ohio.Gov (link)

Ohio Model Curricula, Education.Ohio.Gov (link)

Dyslexia Resources, Ohio.Education.Gov (link)

Dayton Learning Center for Dyslexia

Sing My Text (link)


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