Services, Pricing & Policies

Student Owned Learning, LLC currently provides the following services for students K-12 of public, private, and homeschools; parents; college and adult learners:

*All services/classes are subject to student interest and tutor availability. Individual tutors are free to conduct classes/sessions where, when, as, and if they see fit, within the minimal guidelines and safety standards of S.O.L, LLC.

  • Flexible, private one-on-one tutoring sessions from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Subjects covered include: Reading, writing, history, study skills, test prep, college prep, organization, presentation skills, Bible literacy, general math, Algebra, music appreciation, music theory, science K-12, flute, beginning piano, sax, and more. Scroll below for pricing. Please see our Forms page for more details.

  • New! Parent Planning Consultations: $55, up to 2 hours.

Held one time, once a month, or once a quarter, depending on preference. These are designed to be about 1-1.5 hours long, and to help parents craft a learning plan for/with their student(s). Older students are welcome to these longer sessions, at the discretion of parents.

  • Small group homeschool/extracurricular classes in the following subjects: $15-35/student.

Literature/Writing & History, Art, Business & Life Skills, Transitions/Prep, Science. Please see our full list of classes at our Classes and Registration page.

  • Open house study hall/homework sessions: $20/hr. per student, up to 2 hours max.

Perfect for breaks and summertime, these “study hall” sessions are designed for small groups of up to 6 children (ages 9-17) and will be closely monitored by our tutors to help, challenge, and encourage students where needed. Currently limited to 2 hours/day, subject to tutor availability. Advanced registration is required. Group size may vary, dependent on student ages/abilities.

  • Limited childcare: $10/hr. per child, up to 2 hours max. Limited to children 5-14. Please contact us for details.
  • Up-and-coming projects and offerings include:

Homeschool Orientation Class (for parents), Planning for College (for students and/or parents), The Story of Ohio, The Story of Dayton, and registering with the State of Ohio as a non-chartered, non-taxed private school!

Private Tutoring:

How it Works:

  • Call/email us about your tutoring and scheduling needs.
  • We will match you/your child with the best tutor.
  • Meet your tutor at your home, online, or at a public place.
  • SOL Learning will follow up and continue to be there to help.

SOL Learning charges private tutoring rates based on student age and course level.

  • $25/30 min. per student K-5th grades
  • $35/hr per student 6-8th grades
  • $45/hr per student 9-12th grades
  • $65/hr for college and adult learners

We meet with most students for 1 hour sessions 1-2 times per week, and collect pre-payments online through PayPal or our TutorPanel system in blocks.

  • Block A = 3 sessions ($75-195)
  • Block B = 6 sessions ($150-390)
  • Block C = 10 sessions ($250-650)

An initial assessment and introduction session costing $50 will be conducted between the tutor, student(s), and parent(s)/guardian(s) to determine the student’s needs and planning goals. Also, meeting times and places and progress assessment will be discussed. This fee is expected up-front (charged at the time of scheduling, be that over the phone or online), and is non-refundable. It is a separate fee from the Blocks program.

Please Note the Following Important Pieces of Information:

Go to our Forms page to download and view more detailed policies and procedures.

  • References and resumes for all tutors are available upon request.
  • All tutors have undergone background checks from the State of Ohio within the past 12 months*.
  • All tutors are insured through ___*.
  • Some classes (particularly literature and art classes) may review material that parents may find controversial. Every effort will be made towards transparency to protect parents’ wishes, but guarantees cannot be made.
  • Parents MUST fill out Emergency Contact forms before students can participate in activities and classes without a parent present. If the designated emergency contact person cannot be reached in a timely manner, tutors may use their discretion to begin emergency care.
  • Parents must pick their child up promptly, or incur a childcare charge of $5/every 10 minutes past pick-up time.
  • Please contact us for more information, or email
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