Services for Tutors

Services for Private Tutors:

Tutors pay an annual fee of $125 in exchange for SOL networking, marketing, and on-going support, as detailed below. This fee may be paid all at once via check, or in 2 installments* via PayPal.

*First payment of $65 to be paid up front, second payment of $65 within 30 days from the first payment. Includes additional service charge fee of $1.25/installment. 


  • SOL, LLC’s founder has personal connections with students, parents, and teachers from 5 different local public school districts, as well as connections with a local homeschool co-op, and online homeschooling groups around the Dayton area.
  • Tutors may receive occasional, direct student referrals from SOL, LLC and tutors are free to find their own students as well. There is no referral fee for this service.


  • Once you fill out your bio form, we will use that information to list you with quality tutoring databases, local school districts, and local homeschooling groups of your choice.
  • Your bio and photo will also be featured on SOL, LLC’s “Dayton Area Tutors” page. Tutors are free to use this web page in their self-promotion.
  • SOL, LLC utilizes social media sites Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn (currently as founder, Loura Lawrence), and Twitter (currently as LouraSharesAStory), to advertise tutors, related services, and educational resources. SOL’s website is also hosted on WordPress for additional views.
  • SOL, LLC has purchased several domain names related to tutoring in the Dayton, Ohio area.
  • SOL, LLC may soon engage in Google ads campaigns targeted for Dayton, Ohio tutors, educational resources, and small group classes.
  • We offer customizable, marketing materials such as professional photo headshots, flyers, and business cards. *These materials are optional and will be purchased by the tutor.

On-Going Support

  • We maintain a growing list of tutoring/teaching resources and blog posts (and opportunities for tutors to add to those!).
  • Optional Tutor Training Workshop (2-3 hrs.), $50
  • Tutors are invited to communicate with SOL, LLC via email, phone, or other means with any questions or suggestions related to tutoring.
  • Occasional, optional get-togethers, just for fun.


Tutors agree to attend a one-time orientation to be acquainted with the goals of SOL, LLC, sign an annual contract, submit/fill out their availability schedules and bio form, and *submit W-9 forms for tax purposes.

*May not apply to most tutors.

Tutor Responsibilities

  • Tutors set their own rates and collect payments directly from parents. Tutors set their own schedules, decide which materials and resources to use, determine their own age preference of students and specialty areas, and collaborate with parents/older students on determining meeting places, safety rules, and other items.If you feel overwhelmed, consider signing up for SOL, LLC’s Tutor Training Workshop (see the bottom of our “Classes and Registration” page) for help.
  • Tutors are not subject to evaluations or ratings by SOL, LLC, but if they have questions about their methodology, they are welcome to ask for feedback at anytime.
  • As independent contractors, tutors are solely responsible for their own health care benefits, mileage, tax reporting, unemployment, disability, gifts from clients, background checks, liability insurance, and other related expenses.


Student Owned Learning, LLC is a service provider for tutors. We CANNOT GUARANTEE student placement, a certain number of students, a certain number of hours, or a certain income. Tutors partnering with SOL, LLC agree and understand that they are NOT EMPLOYEES with SOL, LLC, but independent contractors. Please see our forms page ( for more info about independent contractors and legal responsibilities, related tax documents, and other related legal documents for the state of Ohio.

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