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The Art of the Vocabulary Journal

There are many reasons to work to improve a student’s (or your!) vocabulary.

One of the best ways to improve a student’s vocabulary is to keep what I call simply, a vocabulary journal.


New! Learn to Love Reading Class

Learn to Love Reading Class! Oct. 11-Nov. 16, 1-2:15 pm W/Th, for students in grades 3-5 Cost is $65/quarter; Kettering, OH Our new “Learn to Love Reading!” class covers 2 classic, age-appropriate books each quarter (10 weeks) throughout the year (summer included)…. Read More

De-Mystifying Science

Growing up with a dad who had a PhD in microbiology along with myriad other degrees, science and research went hand-in-hand with daily learning. However, as a person who leans more towards art and emotion and rule-bending, science and math always seemed… Read More

Keeping It Real

Parents and caregivers I have to give it to you straight: A good education is more important than sports practice, marching band, or scouts. Just ask Merlin.

Location, Location: A Note About Homeschooling

Before I tutored other people’s children, I taught my own as a homeschooling mom. We homeschooled for three years, during which my oldest child went through preschool, Kindergarten, and first grade, and my second child went through preschool and Kindergarten. We had… Read More

Workbooks Help Students Study Over Holiday Breaks

One of the biggest complaints among parents and teachers is how quickly students tend to forget lessons over school breaks. Holiday or seasonal breaks can last up to two weeks in some schools, and summer breaks typically last 2-3 months. What can… Read More

Attitude is Everything

“Can’t, couldn’t do anything”, my Dad used to say. That may sound corny, but it is so true. How you perceive (or choose to perceive) something may determine the outcome more than the work you put into it. If you look at… Read More

Distractions: Part 1

Technological gadgets are perhaps the biggest distraction our students have during study time. Older students especially (and adults, if we are honest) hear the notification “bing” on phone, iPods, computers, etc. and just can’t help but take one little peek and, 20… Read More