• “Loura was able to quickly and precisely determine the foundation of my granddaughter’s reading difficulties. Loura encourages my granddaughter to contiue to read and apply what she learns during tutoring to her school courses. She is great with kids and her gentle persistence allows her to keep kids on a problem area until they understand it fully. I applaud her extraordinary patience, teaching tactics, as well as the one-on-one attention that my granddaughter receives.” ~Y.W.


  • “My oldest son was struggling with reading. He loved his time with Loura! She made their time together fun, but he was also learning and growing! It was really helpful, as a parent, to learn new ways of helping him. Loura was a huge help for our son.”    ~B. D.


  • “Loura has been great with assisting in my children’s educational needs, and I would highly recommend her for any teaching/tutoring position.” ~R.M.


  • “Loura has always been patient when explaining concepts, and she knows how to motivate the children to work harder. With Loura’s help, both of the kids have improved greatly on their homework and tests, but more importantly on their day-to-day skills – skills which will help them throughout many aspects of their lives.” ~R.D.


  • “I was grateful for the quick response to the request for help from Loura and also am very pleased with the outcome. Loura helps my daughter with Math, but also leads her to think on her own and is helping her develop skills in setting up problems, actually understanding the terms in the questions, and providing suggestions to (student) which in turn is helping her build a foundation with responsible study habits.”  ~D.M.

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