Philosophy and Approach

Student Owned Learning (S.O.L.), LLC (formerly known as My Dear Watson Tutoring), was founded by Loura Lawrence in March 2017, and offers K-12 and adult private tutoring services, services for private tutors, parent services, homeschooler services, learning resources, and homeschool/academic enrichment classes in the Dayton, Ohio region.

It’s no secret our American education system often fails students and frustrates communities, teachers, students, and parents. Student Owned Learning, LLC was founded with the goal to empower teachers and students in learning, by simply cultivating great teachers/tutors, and giving them back the freedom to teach. Our approach is flexible, holistic, and natural, with an emphasis on meaningful study, thoughtful exchanges of information, and creative teaching.

Student Owned Learning might best be described as a modified Classical model of teaching and learning.

Student Owned Learning (SOL), LLC is excited to partner with independently contracted tutors and qualified teachers in the Dayton, Ohio region! We offer support services for local tutors, and a teacher co-op* made up of educated individuals and state-certified teachers for quality small group, homeschool classes and academic enrichment.

*Would you like to work with Student Owned Learning as a parent, student, or contracted tutor? Contact us below.